What do we share with our premium members? (made for Dutch and English investors)

  • In-depth studies about our strategy (including backtesting and risk analysis)

  • Our spreadsheet with calculations to compute returns for covered calls, LEAPs, cash-secured puts and complex strategies

  • Our weekly premium video (Dutch and English) to discuss momentum, technical analysis, quantitive ranking system and model portfolio (English))

  • A straightforward weekly document with our elite performers watchlist based on ratings. This list tells you what stocks you should consider for the long run, no hassle: just follow the script and use the easy tools that we provide

  • Trade ideas for long-term defensive investors looking for a buy and hold replacement strategy with an asymmetric risk/reward profile

  • User guides for the calculators (available to everyone interested in what tools we provide for our members)

  • List of attractive REITs, high-dividend stocks for the purposes of generating a 10+ % annualized return

  • NEW: Online Investment Coach!​

    • ​Wealthy DIY investors who are capable of managing their own portfolio but need a helping hand in understanding our methodology can book an online session. Our in-depth knowledge and spreadsheets create a lifetime opportunity for those looking to generate positively skewed returns.

    • Interested in this service? Just contact us via the form below and share your investment situation: What are your goals? How much capital do you want to invest? Based on that information, we can construct several portfolios and trade ideas tailored to your personal needs. Learning how to set up attractive trade setups is what differentiates us from other investment services. 

    • This service comes at a cost of €100 per hour and is not included in the pricing plans.

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User Guides For Calculators

Covered Call Writing With LEAPs (Trade Assistant)

Covered Call Writing With Protective Puts (Collar Strategy) + Exit Strategies

In-The-Money Covered Call Writing (Trade Assistant)

Basic Calculators for Cash-Secured Puts and Covered Calls

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