NEW: Trade Assistant For In-The-Money Covered Call LEAPs

Updated: Mar 23

Due to member requests, the Option Generator Idea and Calculator Factory has come up with the Trade Assistant for In-The-Money Covered Call LEAPs. As markets are now highly volatile, we should ask ourselves: how can we put new capital to work in a very effective and low-risk manner? Generating the highest returns should not be our main goal in this market environment. We now have to allocate risk in a very smart way in order to thrive during the next uptrend. That's why selling 1-year in-the-money covered calls can provide a lot of calm and value to your investment strategy. I've recently published an article regarding in-the-money calls on American Tower wherein I outline this strategy. For conservative investors, 1-year options should be preferred over shorter-term in-the-money calls and 2-year covered calls.

As always, the only thing you need to do as a premium member is downloading and copying the spreadsheet and adjust the grey cells. A manual will be published over the course of next week.

If you're not a premium member yet, you're always free to sign up and explore the benefits from our OG community!

(Source: OG's spreadsheets)

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